Frequently Asked Questions

How do we book?

We will email you a Booking Form which you need to complete and return to us. We also require a non-refundable $500 deposit. This deposit will be deducted from your final account which is due the week before the wedding. We can accept payment by direct credit, credit card or by cheque.

Can we meet our photographer before the wedding?

Yes! We definitely recommend meeting first. Nat is friendly and relaxed and is there to do whatever she can to make sure your day is perfect.

Are there any travel costs?

Travel is included for all weddings held within the Queenstown Lakes area.

What happens if it rains?

Luckily our climate is dry so we don’t get many rainy days but don’t despair if it rains on your wedding day! Some of the nicest photos happen when it rains. We have white umbrellas that we can bring along, and we also know some great locations where you can still get great photos, even if it’s raining.

Do you have back-up equipment in case something goes wrong?

Yes always – we wouldn’t be without it!

Where are the best places for the location photos?

We have some of the most spectacular scenery in New Zealand and know all the best spots for your location photography. We will discuss all these options with you to see which locations suit you best. Some of the most spectacular locations are only accessible by helicopter and we are more than happy to arrange the flights for you.

How long do we need to allow for our photo shoot?

It depends how many locations you would like to go to, how far they are, and how long you are happy to be away from your guests. We usually recommend 1-1.5hrs. We are more than happy to discuss time frames with you to make sure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day.

How many photos do we receive?

The number usually varies from around 150-650 images depending on the coverage you choose, how many people are in your bridal party, how many locations you go to, and how many guests you have. We shoot as many as we need to, then edit them and remove any that are repeats, or sub-standard in any way and you receive all the rest. All the images are hi res and include a mix of b/w and colour.

How soon after the wedding do we receive our photos?

Your photos will be ready 6-8 weeks after the wedding. If they are required sooner than this please just ask as we can often have them ready sooner than this for small or off peak weddings.